HBCU Grads Make History, Become Youngest Owners of Black-Owned Wine Brand

HBCU Grads Make History, Become Youngest Owners of Black-Owned Wine Brand

HBCU graduates Aaron Michael Coad and Terrence Lavelle Low along with their business partners Brandon Crump and Devin Kennedy are the founders of the newest Black-owned luxury wine brand, Michael Lavelle, making them the youngest African Americans to own such a company.

Though the four men come from different professional backgrounds like fashion, advertising, and technology, they all share a mutual appreciation for entrepreneurship and a passionate curiosity for wine. Their passion grew as they began educating themselves about the process of the winemaking industry.

When they realized that the space was predominantly white they decided to create a brand that was fresh, culturally-relevant, and geared towards millennials and minority consumers. Thus Michael Lavelle Wines was born.

Partnering only with small-batch Napa Valley wineries, the company ensures they make high-quality, premium wines. On the Juneteenth of 2020, Michael Lavelle Wines released its first varietal, Iris Rosé, which features a blend of Cabernet and Pinot Grigio grapes.

The brand recently expanded with what they call Gallery Lavelle, which highlights the works of contemporary artists related to African and Black American identity. Their goal is to provide a unique wine experience while also championing local talents.

For more information about Michael Lavelle and/or to order online, visit SipMichaelLavelle.com

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